Can You Sue For A Dog Bite In California?

Can You Sue For A Dog Bite In California?

Dog bites are a common occurrence, and they impact adults and children throughout California. There are around 2400 incidents recorded in California related to dog bite injuries. According to the statistics, the injuries are surprising at first glance. What should you do if you have been injured with a dog bite? Many people are asking that can they sue for a dog bite. You can explore questions related to it and find the correct answer from the below-mentioned information.

While taking a step for filing a lawsuit with K9 Bite Expert for the dog bite, there is a need to pay attention to the below-mentioned information. It will guide you on how to protect your rights under the law for a dog bite. A look at the information is beneficial for people in California.

Is there one bite rule in California?

There are some States who are following the one bite rule for an incident of the dog bite. It is a rule that allows a dog to free pass on the first bite or attack. The applying of the rule is all-breed except for some specific ones, which are more prone to attack. There is no liability to impose for a dog bite unless the owner is officially notified about it. The owner has to specify that the bite is dangerous to the health of the individual.

In other words, one bite rule states that the dog owner is liable for injuries caused if it can be proven. California, however, does not follow the one-bite rule, and the dog owners are held responsible and liable for any type of attack on another person. The dog bite expert assists in filing the file lawsuit against a dog first bite to a human.

Is it possible to file a lawsuit for a minor dog bite?

If you are injured by a dog bite in California, then the owner is liable for the attack. California is applying a strict liability on all dog owners for the victim’s injuries. It does not matter how minor your dog bite may be, the pet owner is liable for the incident, and you can file a lawsuit against them for any resulting damages. It is essential to be held liable because it can result in a psychologically traumatic experience for another individual.

The choice of filing a lawsuit is the right of the individual who is attacked by a dog. If it leaves you with medical expenses and pain, then there is a requirement for professional care. You can discuss the details of the case with California Canine Bite Expert lawyers. There is no obligation or fee for consulting with the expert for the filing of the case. A team of injury lawyers is handling all the types of claims ranging from minor to serious ones.

Thus, it is possible to sue for a dog bite in California. There is the availability of professional care and protection for your rights from negligent pet owners and the insurance company.

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