How may the rise of Indian American Women in USA politics benefit India the most in the coming days?

How may the rise of Indian American Women in USA politics benefit India the most in the coming days?

When Joe Biden won the election, Indians saw a ray of hope in Kamala Harris becoming the United States’ vice president. Let us tell you that the Indian roots of Harris played an important role in determining the victory of Harris. The family of Harris in India was interviewed about how they felt about the win.

Is Kamala Harris the Indian American woman representing India in USA politics? Are there more? Will we get to see more such examples? Well, Harris becoming the Vice President was indeed one of the main reasons why this time, so many Indians took an interest in the US Presidential Elections. When Joe Biden overthrew Donald Trump to become the President, Indians were happy with the fact that Kamala Harris was their new Vice President.

A History of American Politics

When Barack Obama took the oath as the 44th President, it came as a ray of hope for American politics. He was the first black President of the country to have won the elections with a sizable number of votes. His victory made many believe that America may become more prosperous and more peaceful than ever before. To be true, his victory seemed like a realignment of the political landscape of the US.

The deteriorating race relations and the coming of identity politics have played an important role in the polarization of body politic. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that America has a significant number of races in the election body. Ethnic politics, along with race and gender, can lead to inflammation from both sides. Many candidates of the US Presidential elections have only brought shame to the country’s politics. Why? They have been termed as xenophobe, misogynist and sexist, and even racist.

While US politics was extremely ignored or rather loathed under the Presidency of Donald Trump, a lot of things changed in US politics with the coming of Biden. The peaceful demonstrations are no longer about keeping quiet; they are all about demanding change. And the new generation of leaders are indeed demanding change. Everybody is anticipating that such a move would greatly impact the economic and political scenario of America.

Asian Indians are indeed one of America’s most successful racial groups to have called the country their home. According to data, the average income of an Indian family in America is more than any of the other ethnic groups in the country. Furthermore, reports suggested that around half a million undocumented Indians staying in the US either crossed the Mexican border or overstayed their visas. This has eventually led to the increase in the Indian diaspora across the US. However, over time, Indian Americans are only growing in number across the country. Moreover, many Indian American women, inspired by Kamala Harris, are taking an active part in the country’s politics. However, their participation in Indian politics is leading to increased representation.

Which party do Indian Americans favor?

The Indian Americans are likely to favor the Democratic Party. The second-generation Indians are very progressive and have a very straight outlook, and they are changing their philosophy as well. The assimilation of traditions and culture is eventually leading to Indian Americans favoring the values and ideals of the Democratic Party: inclusion, equity, and equality.

One of the main reasons Indian Americans favor the Democratic Party is because they believe in Women’s Rights, such as equal pay at work and the right to abortion. Moreover, many of them have justifiable reasons to support the party to ensure their children’s safety and maintain their economic stability.


The Indian diaspora in the US is a diverse community. The Indians have had a considerable role to play in the US Presidential elections this time. The victory of Biden will eventually pave the way for their security and ensure less aggressive foreign policies.

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