How to increase your social media following?

How to increase your social media following?

No one creates a social media account to have zero followers; off-course, you also haven’t created an account for the same purpose. Everyone needs more traffic on their social media profile, but how to achieve it is a big question. According to a study, about 71% of the consumers who get a good experience with a brand they got on social media, are most likely to recommend it further to other consumers. Moreover, it also suggests that approx 79% of the total internet users in America are on Facebook.

Therefore, social media has not remained only a way of connecting people, but has become a bridge filling the gap between businesses and consumers and is therefore helping them  to grow by letting it connect with people. There are certain DIgital marketing companies or social media marketing agencies that can help you achieve all the goals like social media branding, SEO optimization etc. You can choose any such social media consultant. If you can hire them, go ahead; otherwise you can read the following tips to boost traffic on your social media profile:-

1. Be Regular and Consistent

So the first advice for you to gain more traffic is to be consistent on any social media profile for which you want to generate traffic. However, too many frequent posts on your account can also decay the traffic, says Neil Patel, one of the renowned bloggers.

Now, the question is how often should you post to generate more traffic?

So if you are attempting to draw traffic on your Facebook page then it is recommended for you to post at least one post every day for optimal results. Moreover, to get a maximum boost you can increase the frequency up to maximum limit of two posts every day.

Traffic on twitter would be just fine if you keep your frequency of posting between one post per day to fifty posts per day. Similarly, for instagram, it’s recommended to post as frequently as once in a day at least, and thrice at most.

2. Respond to Your Followers

Numerous studies conclude that approximately one in every three individuals goes to the competitors when they don’t receive any reply to their messages. Moreover, another study says that 34% of individuals consider social media as their top priority for support services from the company.

Therefore, you might have understood how important it could be to respond to the messages of your consumers as and when required. Another study claims that only 11% of the people get the reply of their messages, therefore, you have got an amazing opportunity of increasing the traffic just by responding to the messages of your fans, followers, or potential customers.

3. Use Hashtags Where Appropriate

Hashtags are a great way of boosting the organic reach of your social media post, but how by just including the Hashtags in the comment section or in the caption can boost the reach of the post?

This is because the hashtags are searchable, and people on social media use to search hashtags to meet their relevant posts.

The studies of Agorapulse claims that Instagram posts which possess at least one caption are more likely to get 70% more likes as compared to the posts which do not have any and 392% more comments. These stats clearly highlights the importance of using hashtags in the posts.

However, there are other social media platforms where social media won’t help you boost your traffic, such as Facebook and Linkedin, but they are still very helpful for the people using instagram and twitter.

4. Make It Easy for Others to Share Your Content

Organic traffic can be increased if individuals share your content to their social media profile. However, they would switch from your website, or social media page if they would find it tricky or tough to understand. Therefore, it is important for you to provide them with an easy option for sharing your content on their social media.

5. Participate in Social Groups

There are chances that you can get your target audience by joining active community groups. You can find the people with the same interest there and therefore, sharing posts with them can elevate the traffic on your social media platform. You have the options of joining the groups available on Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube, Pinterest, and Whatsapp, and can share your content on all of the platforms to get best results.
Track down what is consuming your targeted audience by analysing how people react to the posts you share on social groups.

● Set smart goals

The concept of Smart Goals was given long ago, but they are still considered for maintaining the social media profile because of its positive impact on the traffic.

However, how can we define smart?

Here is a brie outlook of how to define the word:-

S stands for, Specific; you should be specific about choosing a social media platform, and you must thrive to achieve maximum traffic for the same platform only.

M stands for Measurable; you should set goals that are measurable. For example, set goals like you want at least 1k at the end of the month.

A stands for Achievable; be sure that the goals that you are setting are achievable. You can’t just create an Instagram account and target for 1 million followers in a month.

R stands for relevant; The goals that you might have an impact on the overall existence and therefore, be sure to set relevant goals.

T stands for Time-bound:; time is a major criteria which can decide whether a goal is achievable or not. For example, if you say that you want 1k followers within three month after starting an Instagram page, that can be considered as a smart goal.


Patience is the key to growth, and for social media also the case is not much different. If you have gone through the above points then you might have understood that persistence and patience is the only thing that can help you grow in social media. Apart from that, the quality of the posts you share matters a lot. 

Social media marketing strategies are very good and they can boost traffic to a huge extent but they need time to show results, however, the aforementioned strategies can definitely give you amazing results. Moreover, you must be customer-centric while formulating your social media campaign, this way customers would take interest in your posts and tags. You can consider social media platforms a game changer, as it can completely turn the tables if used in the correct way.

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