Why do Americans love Alex Morgan, the soccer superstar?

Why do Americans love Alex Morgan, the soccer superstar?

Alex Morgan is one of the most popular and youngest players in the American Superstar. As the team sets out to play against North Korea, she needs to shine out as the star. Well, let’s not forget she is a star among Americans and the key to the heart of American women winning the game.

Currently, it is time for Alex Morgan to shine. The Olympics is one of the most popular sports, and Alex Morgan needs to put in his everything to shine. As she is one of the leading stars, she has already made her mark on the team. Olympics can just be one of the best places for Alex Morgan to shine. When she scored her First World Cup goal against France, she eventually became one of the leading soccer superstars. She is one good thing to happen to the Americans.

Club Career of Alex Morgan

Over the years, Alex Morgan has just grown to become the leading player. It is her extensive gameplay that has helped her become a popular choice for Americans.

She was born in the suburbs of San Dimas, California. Although she was a multi-sport athlete in her growing years, she started her soccer career at 14. At the age of 14, she joined the Cypress Elite club. Ever since then, she has had an exclusive club career where she worked with some of the leading clubs.

Western New York Flash

She joined this club in 2011 and was the first Cal player to make it into the Women’s Professional Soccer team. As the home opener, she scored her first goal for the team and even won 3-0.

Seattle Sounders Women

In 2012, she played for the Seattle Sounders Women. She worked with her national teammates. However, she had to quit the team as she was preparing for the Olympics. Her appearance in the three regular seasons made her an absolute favorite among many.

Portland Thorns

She was a part of Portland Thorns FC from 2013-2015. She was able to score her first goal as the team and home opener. She brought eight goals and gave assists during her career. Morgan was headed by Paul Riley. However, due to national commitments, she had to break off from the team. But her inclusion had brought massive success to Portland Thorns FC.

Some of the other clubs for whom Morgan played and brought name include

  • Orlando Pride
  • Lyon
  • Tottenham Hotspur

Alex Morgan International Career

Morgan’s ACL injury made her progress slowly, and she couldn’t establish herself as a part of the national team. She made her first appearance in the under-20 team as per the 2008 CONCACAF Women’s U-20 Championship in Puebla, Mexico. It was here where she scored her first international goal.

She was also a part of the United States U-20 women’s national team for scoring four goals against France, North Korea, and Argentina. Her fourth goal eventually made her a star among many and led the USA to win the tournament. She was also praised by the senior National team when she made her appearance in March 2010 against Mexico. Her most important goal has been against Italy.

She has played some of the most important International matches, such as

  • 2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup
  • 2012 London Olympics
  • 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup
  • 2016 Rio Olympics
  • 2019 FIFA World Cup

Alex Morgan has been a part of extensive endorsements and boosts sports diplomacy too. She has also been a part of Video Games for football games. Morgan is married to soccer player Servando Carrasco. She has a daughter Charlie Elena Carrasco.

Since Alex Morgan has brought so many achievements to the team, there’s no doubt why she’s a favorite among the Americans.


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